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Setup metered Internet Connection in Windows 10

How to setup metered Internet Connection in Windows 10 and turn off background processes and updates to reduce data usage.

When you are connected to a mobile hotspot or any wifi network having limited bandwidth, which is sufficient to go on until you finish your work over the internet.

and meanwhile, you receive alert “you have consumed 50% of your data from your daily limit” to your surprise when you have just connected your Windows 10

laptop to hotspot and within few time you have consumed 50% of your data from the daily limit.

Will discuss possible reasons why 50% of data consumed
1 – Windows – If you have many applications installed and applications running background with auto-update feature on then possibly those will consume bandwidth.

2 – Not any major windows update started downloading which end of leaving with no data from the daily limit.

# How to stop windows update in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Setup metered Internet Connection in Windows 10
Image – 1

Go to run – type services.msc – look for Windows Update – double click to open and change the startup type – Disabled and Service status – stopped

But you will find in Windows 10 Windows update starts automatically because you cannot completely stop the update setting but you can pause the updates for some days.

# How to stop applications run default on windows login

Go to run – type msconfig – Click on Startup – then click on Open taskmanager , check-in the image -2 and disable those applications not required to open in startup.

Setup metered Internet Connection in Windows 10
Image – 2

# How to stop background apps using privacy settings

Open Setting 

Click on Privacy

Select background apps, as per the Image – 3, you can turn off leaving required one on.

Setup metered Internet Connection in Windows 10
Image – 3

# How to set Wifi on a metered connection 

Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks.

Select the Wi-Fi network > Properties > turn on Set as metered connection

This will help reduce your data usage.

So like this, we have turned off some of auto-update and background processes to reduce bandwidth usage.

1 – Windows update

2 – Minimized applications opening in the startup

3 – Turn off background apps

4 – Applications have there own auto-update feature, you need to go to setting and turn off for individual applications.

5 – Set Wifi on a metered connection


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