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Kill Processes using Command Prompt in windows machine

Kill Processes using Command Prompt in windows machineSometimes virus issue in system creates many problem and even it won’t allow you to boot the system in safe mode or else to run any of the antivirus.I found one work around to delete the tasks running. Which is a bit tricky to do using command prompt.

Here what I did. Opened command prompt (press Windows button + R)
1 – Disconnect from Internet if the system is connected over LAN or WIFI
2 – Type cmd then Enter.
3 – Type tasklist and press enter in the command prompt dialog box

See image

(It will give you the all running processes list)
4 – Figure out the process name of that virus running, yes its a bit difficult to figure out still you can leave the default processes those normally runs on machine and to know detail about the process,
Click the link http://www.processlibrary.com/en/

5 – Once you find out the culprit. I mean the virus process name

Type in the command prompt taslkill /IM processname /F
i.e. taskkill /IM nvuvdie.exe /F

We can end task the process by using the PID also
i.e. taskkill /PID 2456 /F

To delete simultaneously more processes using PID

i.e. taskkill /PID 2456 4344 5456 /F

6 – Once you end task the running virus processes. Now there is a chance we can run any tool to clean the virus entries from the system else will have to do manually.
7 – To clean the virus entries manually. Go to run and type msconfig, then go to (startup tab) remove all the unwanted entries from there and also the entries in regedit and location in physical drive like in c:\program files or inside windows folder.
8 – Delete all the entries of virus from regedit and remove entries from msconfig startup tab and delete the installation folder.

9 – Now you are safe and hopefully we have deleted the all entries of virus and corresponding exe there in the machine.
10 – Download the free antimalware to do a full scan http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free/

Hope it will help you to get rid of virus entries. 🙂

I can reach at : durgacharanojha@yahoo.co.in
Durga Charan Ojhahttps://lifeonnetwork.com/
I am a proud Indian, proud father, a blogger, Being in a profession as System administrator, my passion is troubleshooting computer issues, I do like sharing solutions through blogging making videos of solving issues.


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