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Some important commands in ubuntu (Fixing an crashed Ubuntu OS )

I found some of commands more helpful fixing an issue while ubuntu OS was not starting.

Get in to ubuntu recovery mode (Keep pressing shift key while system start)

If in terminal you are not able to execute any command because its read only

then type this command to r/w – mount -o remount /

Check in boot.log file (var/log) for error it generates. command to check type tail -f boot.log

And I found it’s something send mail service is generating error and system stuck there loading OS

In terminal window type – sudo initctl list (To check all the processes running)

To check the ports in use command – cat /etc/services

To check which of the application using port 80

cat /etc/services | grep 80

To check definitive open ports on this server

sudo netstat -lnp –tcp –udp

To stop sendmail while system starts command is sudo update-rc.d sendmail disable

Now reboot the system with command – sudo shutdown -r now

System starts like charm

Durga Charan Ojhahttps://lifeonnetwork.com/
I am a proud Indian, proud father, a blogger, Being in a profession as System administrator, my passion is troubleshooting computer issues, I do like sharing solutions through blogging making videos of solving issues.


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