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How to create a ubuntu bootable usb stick on MAC osx


How to create a Ubuntu bootable USB stick on MAC osx

Things we need 

  • Pendrive (More than 2 GB is fine)
  • Ubuntu 20 iso (Click here to download)
  • MAC Osx

Start the bootable process

Connect the Pendrive and I have already downloaded the Ubuntu 20 ISO file and kept on the desktop as shown in the image.

Click on Go – Utilities as shown in the image – 1


Under Utilities select and click Disk Utility to open as shown in image -2

#Disk utilities

You will find Macintosh HD under Internal and your connected Pendrive under External, make sure you select the Pendrive as shown in image – 3

#Select Pendrive

We need to Erase the Pendrive as MS-Dos (FAT) format in the process of making it bootable as shown in image – 4

#Erase Pendrive

It will then unmount and mount and Erase completely in MS-Dos (FAT) format as shown in image – 5

#Operation successful

Now Pendrive is ready to write the ISO file, we will use a free and open-source application called Etcher. After downloading this and clicking to mount the package, Etcher can either be run in-place or dragged into your Applications folder, as shown in image – 6


Open Etcher, browse the ubuntu 20 iso, and click on Flash to start the process as per image – 7


Etcher will start writing the ISO file to your USB device.

The Flash stage of the process will show progress, writing speed, and an estimated duration until completion. This will be followed by a validation stage that will ensure the contents of the USB device are identical to the source image, as shown in image – 8


When everything has finished, Etcher will declare the process a success.

Congratulations! You now have Ubuntu on a USB stick, bootable, and ready to go.


You may get a warning at the end. Do skip and eject the USB device after the write process has completed, macOS may inform you that ‘The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer’.



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