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Restore outlook express mail rules

Restore Windows Mail Mail Rules

To recover or import your Windows Mail email filters from a backup copy:

* Double-click on “Mail Rules.reg” in Windows Explorer.
* Click Yes.
* Click OK.

Restore Outlook Express Mail Rules

To import or restore mail rules in Outlook Express from a backup copy:

* Open Notepad.
* Select File | Open from the menu.
* Locate and open the “Mail Rules.reg” file that contains your backup mail rules.
* Highlight the string contained in braces (“{}”), following “[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\­Identities\” in the second line. Make sure you highlight the string including the braces.
* Hit Ctrl-C.
* Select Edit | Replace from the menu.
* Click in the Find what entry field and hit Ctrl-V.
* Go to the Outlook Express settings in the Windows registry.
* Click on the Identities key in the tree in the left pane.
* Double-click on Default User ID in the right pane.
* Hit Ctrl-C.
* Hit Esc.
* Go back to Notepad.
* Click in the Replace with entry field.
* Hit Ctrl-V.
* Click Replace All.
* Hit Esc.
* Close Notepad saving the changes to the file.
* Double-click on “Mail Rules.reg” in Windows Explorer.
* Click Yes.

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