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Ransomware how to protect yourself

Ransomware how to protect yourself

It’s a current topic now
Ransom – It’s dictionary meaning is “Money demanded for the return of a captured person.”
Yes the ransomware is a name of malicious software that stops you from using the PC. lets get in to this in brief.

What is ransomware?
It’s a malicious software that locks a device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone and then demands a ransom to unlock it. beware of it … 🙁

How does it affect a computer?
The software is normally contained within an attachment to an email message that masquerades as something innocent. Once opened it encrypts the hard drive, making it impossible to access or retrieve any data stored on there, such as photographs, documents, music, video files.

How much victims expected to pay?
It will display an image or a message that lets you know your data has been encrypted and that you have to pay a specific sum of money to get it back. This is how ransom proof the dictionary meaning.

You can pay money but that’s not sure if you get your data back in place.

How do I protect myself against ransomware?
You should

  • Up-to-date antivirus solution such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec Antivirus, etc…
  • Make sure your Windows software is up-to-date.
  • Most important is avoid clicking on links or opening attachments or emails from people you don’t know or companies you don’t do business with.
  • Ensure you have smart screen (in Internet Explorer) turned on.
  • Have a pop-up blocker running in your web browser.
  • Regularly backup your important files.

Hope this will help to avoid getting virus in to your device …

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