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Configuring PHP to work with IIS in Windows 7

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Configuring PHP to work with IIS in Windows 7

Before we configure PHP to work with IIS. The machine must have prerequisite like IIS with all the features installed and running including ISAPI Filter.

Lets check the PHP part:

– Download PHP and extract that to in D Drive from this link http://www.php.net/downloads.php 

Open IIS

– Go to run, type inetmgr press enter 

– When Internet information management windows opens, double click on Handler Mappings

– When Handler mappings opens, now click on Add script map from the right hand panel.

– In the Add Script Map window, add *.php in the Request path, click the button next to Executable and select php5isapi.dll file from php installation folder (i.e. D:\php, if you have installed php on D drive), add a name like php in Name field and click OK.

– Now go to the Internet Information Management first page by clicking on Back button

– Then double click on Isapi Filtes. Click on Add from right hand panel.

Add *.php  in the Filter name and select php5isapi.dll from the php installation folder by clicking on the button next to Executable field. 

– Now need to test if IIS and PHP both are working or not

– Open Internet Explorer and browse localhost

– It should open IIS – localhost page

Now create a test.php file with this code and save this test.php file inside C:\inetpub\wwwroot 

– Open Internet Explorer and browse localhost/test.php

– It should open PHP page.

That’s it

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