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Backup mozilla bookmark, password, etc

On Windows 2000 and XP

1. Click the Windows Start button, and select Run….

2. Type in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ then click OK.

3. Windows Explorer opens a folder containing your profiles.
4. Double-click the profile folder you wish to open (e.g. the xxxxxxxx.default folder).

Mac OS:

1. Open Finder and go to your home folder. Note: your home folder is usually the name of your Mac user account
2. From your home folder open /Library/, then /Application Support/, then /Firefox/, then /Profiles/. Your? prof?ile ?fold?er is with?in this? fold?er.


1. (Ubuntu) Click the Places menu on the top right of the screen and select Home Folder. A File Browser window will appear.
2. Click the View menu and select Show Hidden Files if it isn’t already checked.
3. Double click the folder marked .mozilla.
4. Double click the folder marked firefox. Your profile folder is within this folder.

Important files
Bookmarks and browsing history

* places.sqlite – This file contains all your Firefox bookmarks and a list of websites you have previously visited.


Your passwords are stored in two different files, both of which are required:

* key3.db – This file stores your key database for your passwords. To transfer saved passwords, you must copy this file along with the following file.


* signons.sqlite – Saved passwords.


* signons3.txt – Saved passwords

For more information see Remembering passwords.

* cookies.sqlite – This file stores your cookies. For more information see the Cookies article.

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