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User is not in the sudoers file in CentOS

User is not in the sudoers file in CentOS

I got this above error while trying to do sudo user. see Image – 1

Image shows login su

CentOS 6 does not add users to sudoers by default and nor does it allow group wheel sudo access.

How to configure it manually

Step 1

Login with root user or type su – then type root user password.

Step 2

open vi etc/sudoers

Step 3

Add your userid to the list or uncomment the lines allowing group wheel

Step 4

If you uncomment the wheel lines then you need to add your userid to the group using

e.g. usermod -a -G wheel myuser then logout and back in again to pick up the new group membership.

See the Image – 2 for better understanding.

Edit sudoers file

Reference – https://serverfault.com/questions/854623/centos-7-adding-a-user-to-sudoers-group-still-is-not-in-the-sudoers-file-w

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