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Create a SQL Server Linked Server access to MySQL (RDS running in AWS)

Create a SQL Server Linked Server to MySQL (RDS running in AWS)

We have running MYSQL at Amazon RDS and need to connect it creating a linked server using SQL Server Management studio

SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) is an ideal environment for managing the infrastructure of the SQL Server database and SQL Server itself. With SSMS, you can easily connect to your SQL Server instance running in local as well as to external Servers, configure and monitor database objects, as well as execute queries. Besides this, there is a possibility to create an ODBC connection to external data from SSMS.

I will share the step by step how to create a connection to MYSQL database from SSMS using ODBC driver.


1 – ODBC Driver

2 – SQL Server with Management Studio

Get the odbc driver and install it from this url http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/

In my case, I have downloaded and installed mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.20-winx64.msi

Create DSN using ODBC connector

Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > System DSN and select Add

Image – 1

Image – 2

Now ODBC connection successful to the MySQL server running (Amazon RDS)

Next, open SQL Management Studio and connect to local server using Windows authentication as per the image – 3

Image – 3

Expand Server Objects – and add a New Linked Server

as per the image -4 need to fill the details

Image – 4

As per the image – 5 need to select Security page

Image – 5

As per image – 6 select the Server options to make the changes in red

Image – 6

Now you should be able to connect to the MYSQL Server running in Amazon RDS

It’s connected to the MYSQL Database using SQL Server linked server.


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