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Top 5 SQL Database Recovery Software in 2021

Top 5 SQL Database Recovery Software in 2021

Events like SQL Server crash, ransomware attack, hardware failure, abrupt system shutdown, etc., can render a SQL database inaccessible and corrupt the data. If backups have also turned corrupt or are obsolete, you will need to repair the database and recover its data. To avoid downtime associated with fixing a corrupted database manually, using a specialized SQL recovery tool can help.

In this post, we’ll discuss top 5 SQL database recovery software that are worth trying.

  1. Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Trusted by MVPs and administrators worldwide, Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a powerful database recovery tool for both Windows and Linux. The straightforward software interface takes you step-by-step through recovery process without the need for technical support.

The software comes with different scan options, allowing you to quickly or extensively scan corrupt SQL database (MDF & NDF) files. It is a useful feature that helps save time to recover data.

The software automatically rebuilds a log file (.ldf) while repairing a database MDF file. It can recover database files of SQL Server version 2019 till 2000.


  • Performs granular recovery of tables, indexes, triggers, primary keys, foreign keys, stored procedures, etc.

  • Recovers deleted records and highlights them in bold for easy differentiation

  • Preserves schema structure of the original database

  • Supports recovery of XML data types, SQL Server FILESTREAM data types, Column Row GUID COL Property, Sp_add extended Property, etc.

  • Option to save the recovered data to a New or Live database

  • Exports the database to CSV, XLS, or HTML file format

  • Saves non-recoverable queries, stored procedures, and views in a text file


The software is a bit pricey, but the features make it a great value for money tool.

  1. SysTools SQL Recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery tool aids in recovering corrupt MDF and multiple NDF files. The tool starts by scanning a corrupt MDF file. It then provides Quick Scan and Advance Scan options, giving you the flexibility to choose an appropriate mode to perform database recovery.

One great aspect of the software is that it auto-detects the SQL Server version of the selected MDF file. Also, it previews all the recoverable objects, including tables, views, triggers, etc., in a hierarchical order. The software supports recovery of databases in SQL Server 2019 and below versions.


  • Recovers tables, views, stored procedures, rules, triggers, etc.

  • Can recover deleted tables’ data and objects, like triggers, stored procedures, functions, etc.

  • Saves the recovered database as a new database or exports it to an existing database

  • Option to save recovered database file with schema or both schema and data

  • Option to export table records to a CSV file


  • Preview of deleted records is not available in the software demo version

  • Quick scan displays the preview of 500 records for each table

  1. Kernel for SQL Database Recovery

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery makes it easy to repair a corrupt or inaccessible database and recover all its objects with a sleek user interface. Features include running Standard scan or Advanced scan, identifying SQL Server version automatically or manually, and saving recovered database into SQL Server.

The software shows a preview of all the recoverable database objects in the left pane. Clicking on an item display its contents in the right pane. It supports SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and earlier versions.


  • Recovers tables, user data types, views, stored procedures, rules, functions, etc.

  • Allows creating a backup of restored files in script form

  • Previews around 1000 records in each page

  • Recovers and highlights deleted records marked with a red cross

  • Facilitates SQL Server and Batch File saving modes


  • Support for database recovery on a Linux system is not available

  • Multiple file saving options, like CSV, HTML, and XLS are not available

  1. EaseUS MS SQL Recovery

EaseUS MS SQL Recovery is the next recommended option amongst the other tools, thanks to its simplicity and efficiency in performing database recovery. It helps repair and recover corrupt MDF file with all its objects.


  • Recovers tables, views, synonyms, stored procedures, functions, data types, etc.

  • Recovers and previews deleted tables

  • Exports recovered data to a SQL database or as SQL scripts

  • Option to save data to a new database or an existing database


  • Support for multiple file saving formats is not available

  1. ApexSQL Recover

ApexSQL Recover is a great choice when it comes to retrieving deleted or truncated data. It can recover database objects that are lost because of DROP, INSERT, or UPDATE operations.

While other tools in the list are purpose-built to repair corrupted SQL database files, ApexSQL recover also facilitates features like extracting data from backup files and reversing changes made to a database. A free trial version of the SQL recovery tool is available in ApexSQL Operations Plus Toolkit for SQL Server.


  • Allows recovery of damaged, deleted, or truncated data from a corrupt SQL database

  • Can roll back to a specific point in time

  • Support recovery of BLOB files


  • Too many options in the software user interface makes it difficult to comprehend


If you need to recover damaged or inaccessible data immediately from a SQL database, the tools discussed in this article can get the work done for you in no time. Stellar Repair for MS SQL software is our preferred choice owing to its ease-of-use and efficiency in recovering data from a corrupt db.

For a comprehensive tool allowing backup recovery besides database recovery, you may consider using ApexSQL Recover.

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