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How to Backup a Database using SQL Management Studio

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How to Backup a Database using SQL Management Studio

I will do it in steps with screenshots for better understanding.

First we need to connect to the Database Server from where we need to take backup of database.

STEP – 1

You need Server name, Authentication, Login and Password. As in my case I have filled the required credential to log in to my local Database Server. Please refer Image – 1 

Image – 1

STEP – 2

After successfully connected to the Database Server, you will see all the database there, then select and right click on the database you want to take backup then select Tasks > Backup. Refer to Image – 2

Image – 2

STEP – 3

From the Backup database page select location for backup destination by clicking on Add and write the file name to save the backup file like (database.bak) Refer to Image – 3.

Image – 3

STEP – 4

Here one thing need to take care like there should not be two backup locations in the list.. if so then remove one and keep only one backup destination as per the Image – 4.

Image – 4

STEP – 5

Once after selecting backup destination click Ok to start taking backup and for successful backup you will see the page . Check Image – 5

Image – 5

Hope this is going to help how I have explained to backup Database using SQL Management Studio and to save it in  .bak sql database backup file in Windows machine. Step by Step walk through with screenshots.

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