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Weekend with MSDC Odisha in ITER College

I was more excited and double nervous because this is going to be my first day public speaking seminar, that to in front of a huge crowd, especially students from ITER and some other colleges…

This MSDC event was organised on 30th August 2015 at ITER, SOA University,Odisha by the techhack club, courtesy-ITER.

Very good arrangement in CSE Seminar hall by SOurav Nanda, Sushreeta and Rishu Goyenka. How can I forgot Suvendu, Suraj Sahoo and Rojalin overally they are managing all as part of MSDC Odisha.

Event started with brief introduction by Sushreeta about Techhack club and MSDC (Microsoft Dev Community) Odisha.

First Speaker Mr. Tadit Kumar Dash (MVP) gave demonstration on building website with asp.net using Azure.

Tadit Dash
Tadit Dash(MVP)
Second Speaker Mr. Nirmal Chandra Hota spoke about building mobile apps with Xamarin and flooded with lots of question from the students also he could answer all there doubts clearly.

Nirmal Chandra Hota
Nirmal Chandra Hota
Third Speaker was me, Durga Charan Ojha spoke about New features of Windows 10 Operating system and also gave a quick demonstration of special featues of Windwos 10 personal search assistant Cortana.

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Fourth Speaker Mr. Zeeshan Ali spoke about (IOT) Internet of ideas and business ventures related to this topic. which was quite interesting.

Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali
Then goodies were distributed to the students who have answered to various questions between all the four session.

Speakers along with the students sign on a chart paper as a token of remembrance with a group photo.

11836834_942774449112988_1771552362230377805_nimg_20150830_144548 pic