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Solved system is running in low-graphics mode

The system is running in low-graphics mode

Your screen, graphics cards, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself.

The system is running in low-graphics mode
Solution 1 :

I solved this problem by reinstalling ubuntu-desktop.

When the message that “your system is running in low-graphics mode” appears, press Ctrl+Alt+F2, then login with your credentials
Then type below commands

# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop
# sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
# sudo shutdown -r now

It should work after reboot … Else try the below option

Solution 2 :

sudo apt-get install gdm
sudo service gdm restart


It should work after reboot… 🙂

To reconfigure gdm type

# sudo dpkg -reconfigure gdm


Durga Charan Ojhahttps://lifeonnetwork.com/
I am a proud Indian, proud father, a blogger, Being in a profession as System administrator, my passion is troubleshooting computer issues, I do like sharing solutions through blogging making videos of solving issues.


  1. I managed to FIX this 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was rebooting and rebooting and changing gdm to lightdm and back when I saw in the error messages something like non-recognized screen 0 entry in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    I went to there and it said

    Screen 0 “nvidia”
    Inactive “intel”

    I simply corrected those obvious entries – my graphics are Intel integrated right now. I had removed the nvidia Geforce. I deleted Inactive “Intel” and changed Screen 0 to “Intel.” This is apparently where that changeover does not get reflected and we are left with the endless loop of “This system is running in low-graphics mode.”
    One reboot and I had desktop, but no launcher – rebooted again and Ubuntu was back to booting fully!
    It has been since 2013 that I’ve been working on a solution to that short of reinstalling and there it is finally. I see one guy who reports that afterward some Ubuntu desktop 3d features are missing until he ran “sudo update-alternatives –remove-all x86_64-linux-gnu-gl-conf” and “sudo update-alternatives –remove-all i386-linux-gnu-gl_conf” then “sudo update-alternatives –remove-all gl_conf” – removed his /X11/xorg.conf and removed ‘nogpumanager’ from /etc/default/grub – then he could switch from ‘XRender’ to OpenGL 3.1′ in compositing display settings to regain the lost desktop effects.

  2. i was trying but when after showing the massage regarding low graphics and i type ctrl+alt+f1 it shows black screen to me…plz help

    • Hi Jaman, You can see black screen and at the left top corner cursor blinking for user name and password.

      else force restart the machine and after BIOS press and hold shift key to enter in to recovery mode.

      there you can log in to terminal and run above commands.

      If you find any more issues please do add my gmail id – durgacharan05@gmail.com

  3. Helli everyone. I’m trying to use solution 1 but I am wondering whether I must have internet connection before it works?

  4. Hello I have the same problem but I cannot login I write my name as a login name but still gives me login incorrect I don’t know what to do


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