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Skype group contacts are not showing in Ubuntu 14.4


Solved:Skype group contacts are not showing in Ubuntu 14.4

My system got formatted because of issues and reinstalled Ubuntu 14.4 with all the required applications, everything seems to be working fine except Skype application. I have reinstalled Skype still the same issue.

In Skype I am missing all my Group contacts where as I could see those contacts logging in to web Skype (https://login.skype.com) and also group contacts are visible in windows desktop Skype application.

Steps I have tried and failed

#sudo apt-get update

#sudo apt-get upgrade

Quit Skype and then go to home folder CTRL+h to show hidden files and folders, rename .Skype folder to .Skype_old.

Reboot machine and try logging to Skype and checked still its not showing the group contacts.

and also installed all the latest updates available in Ubuntu 14.4 still the same issue.


Finally got the solution to enable group chat feature in Ubuntu 14.4

Type /msnp24 in any of Skype chat window and then restart Skype

You will see all your Group contacts back with the previous chat history.

Enjoy …

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