Batch file to switch between different ISP in Windows machine for Local Area Connection and Wireless Area Connection

This walk through explains to create a batch file for switching between different ISP.

When there is a need to switch between different ISP’s and every time it’s a pain to remember all the IP addresses and fill out correctly in all those field of IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNS servers respectively.

To make things easier, let’s create a batch file which will do all these setting with in some seconds we can switch between different ISP.

To start with. Open a notepad and copy below lines and save it as some filename.bat. I have tested this with my machine IP address, which you need to change as per your machine IP, default gateway and DNS address and double click that batch file to switch between different ISP.

Through above steps we can switch between ISP while using Local Area Connection (Wired)

To switch between ISP while using Wireless Area Connection. Just edit the batch file and replace all Local Area Connection with Wireless Area Connection and save with a filename.bat..

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